Your team will have to

  • Select the rural or intermediate region from Europe (preferably from your country) that you will develop into a perfect sandbox for startups, explaining the rationale of your choice.
  • Create and support with arguments a vision for the selected region to become the best choice for start-ups and an attractive place to live for everyone (from youth and experienced professionals to seniors):
    • Identify the main challenges that limit the selected region from being a perfect sandbox for startups, considering economic, infrastructural, social, skills-related and other challenges.

    • Find solutions to the identified challenges that could empower the selected region to become the center of attraction for startups. When developing the solutions, you should consider their feasibility, intensity of funding required, as well as the need for changes in regulations.

    • Help the region to specialize. Identify and justify by statistical data the best startup sector for the region (IT, renewable energy, agriculture, food, transport, sustainable construction, etc.)

Prepare a five-minute pitch presenting your vision/conception.