Giedrė Tallat-Kelpšaitė

Giedre Tallat-Kelpsaite - Having worked in FMCG, healthcare, e-commerce, and recreation products and services for over 10 years, Giedre Tallat-Kelpsaite brings experience in a wide range of marketing and business development projects. Her skills include marketing strategy, business direction, project communication, partnership management, and market and consumer research. She devoted her time to projects that would bring sustainable and healthy changes in business and society.

Vanessa Tierney

Vanessa Tierney - Vanessa is CEO of Abodoo the first dynamic skills data intelligence company for countries globally to reboot local economies to drive job creation and Director of the game-changing virtual real estate technology Yonderdesk which is dramatically improving employee well-being and workflow in this new world. Irish-born Vanessa has spent the last 18 years working for Fortune 1000 and governments. Published author and co-author of “Your Company with No Walls” she has spent the last decade running successful remote companies in the UK and Ireland. She has presented to the European Parliament and is currently on the steering committee for the Digital Future of Europe.

Noelia Dosil

Noelia Dosil - In her role as part of the Galicia Food&Drink Cluster, she coordinates the innovation area of the company, where she promotes innovative projects that will benefit the Galician food industry as a whole. Furthermore, Noelia Dosil manages a variety of collaboration activities to foster collaboration between companies and the regional ecosystem of innovation in addition to promoting and implementing European food industry projects in her region.

Daniela Mårtenson

Daniela Mårtenson - Daniela is a R&D coordinator and entrepreneurship facilitator at Centria University of Applied Science. In the area of business development, Daniela is an experienced coach with a background in working with teams to develop solutions in the well-being and digitalization areas. She has extensive experience in working with teams on business development.

Alfred Grand

Alfred Grand - Originally from Austria, Alfred Grand is an organic farmer and entrepreneur. He produces peat-free soil substrates and organic fertilizer with earthworms at his company VERMIGRAND. As of 2018, his farm has been developed into a research and demonstration farm. GRAND FARM is focusing on soil health, agroforestry, and market gardening. Alfred works on a variety of national and international research projects, he is a member of the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms, and is an ambassador for the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture.

George Beers

George Beers - George Beers has a Ph.D. in Management Science with a thesis on project management. He specializes in agribusiness strategic information management. Bringing different worlds together is one of his core competencies. In the course of his career with Wageningen University & Research, Dr. Beers has held a number of research and management positions since 1991. His previous positions include Scientific Director of Agri Chain Competences (1998-2001), and founder and CEO of Green Knowledge Cooperation on innovation in Dutch agricultural education (2004-2010). He held the Wageningen University Chair for ICT in Agribusiness from 1999 to 2004. Currently, he is responsible for coordinating large-scale EU projects in the field of digital innovation in agri-food. It has been his responsibility since January 2017 to coordinate the H2020 Large Scale Pilot of Internet of Farm & Food (IoF2020) and SmartAgriHubs (Digital Innovation Hubs for Farmers).

Kara Guokė

Kara Guokė - Kara manages projects as part of her role at Panevezys. By improving the investment climate and building a positive image of the region, the agency aims to discover the region's underlying potential. There is nothing Kara loves more than to implement projects that will help to improve the regional business environment along the way.

Raquel Sendon

Raquel Sendon - Being a part of the Food Science research group at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Raquel Sendón is an assistant professor at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science, which is part of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In addition to her expertise in food contact materials, she studies migration of substances, migration modeling, as well as active and intelligent packaging.

Letricia Barbosa Pereira

Letricia Barbosa Pereira - At the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Letricia Barbosa-Pereira is a research associate within the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science at the Faculty of Pharmacy. She is part of the Food Science Research Group of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Nutrition and Food Science. Her research interests include food science, active packaging, functional foods, polyphenols, and analytical chemistry.

Teresa Paiva

Teresa Paiva - Professor of Management and Marketing at Guarda Polytechnic Institute (IPG), Senior Researcher at PEEP, NGO, and Senior Advisor & Researcher at Market Inn, Lda. Working as a product innovation consultant, she conducts research in Marketing, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, where she has authored several scientific and technical publications. Coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and business creators are two of her specialties.