On November 24th, the eve of the AgriFood Forum 2021, the organizers of the forum AgriFood Lithuania DIH will hold the Robotics4EU international creative workshop, which aims to raise awareness among all stakeholders – from robotics decision makers, developers or policy makers to end users and society as a whole – on the non-technological challenges of robotics. Participation in the event is free, but pre-registration is required.

“Industry is moving forward at an incredible pace and the agrifood sector is not an exception. Studies show that this sector is highly receptive to the implementation of robotics solutions based on artificial intelligence. As these advanced solutions in various sectors are being implemented more and more rapidly today, in the near future we will face more than just financial or technical challenges. Equally important are non-technological aspects of robotics such as potential ethical, legal, data security, privacy or socio-economic issues that may arise in society. The aim of this creative workshop is to provide an opportunity and encourage different stakeholders to talk about these potential challenges now,” said Kristina Šermukšnytė-Alešiūnienė, Director of AgriFood Lithuania DIH.

During the online creative workshop, which will be held in English, experienced experts will share their insights on the biggest non-technological challenges that the world of robotics is currently facing, introduce the concept of responsible robotics and share the best practices from around the world. In addition, participants of the workshop will work in groups, discuss these topics together and present the results of their work at the end of the event.

Event organizers encourage everyone to register and spend three productive hours together with a team of initiative professionals.