Monika ManolovaShe holds a PhD in geographic information systems (GIS) from Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, is a cum laude graduate with excellence an M.Sc. in planning and governance of territorial systems, and a bachelor’s in regional development and politics. Monika has worked on several complex regional projects as a GIS expert, and is a key expert for Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe projects. Besides her technical background, Monika is a member of the DIH AgroHub BG and a Digital Ecosystems Expert for the Digital National Alliance (DNA) in Bulgaria. She is a member of the EIP SCC group on smart mobility and the EIP SCC group on citizen control of personal data, Morality and Knowledge in AI(MKAI) Champion for equality (2020), and a mission-driven contributor to education and open innovations in ML, data science, and AI.