The EIT FOOD Hub in Lithuania AgriFood Lithuania DIH has announced the beginning of the registration for the HACK AgriFood’21 Challenge Labs. The final event of the Challenge Labs will take place on November 17-18 and the winning team will be awarded a € 2,000 cash prize. Students of all ages and specialties, young innovators and everybody who wants to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable food value chain in Lithuania are invited to register individually.

During the event, participants will be divided into teams and will have to choose one of the six challenges presented by the organizers: Sustainable aquaculture, Short food supply chain, Sustainable food packaging, Re-use of food production by-products, Agriculture – an attractive sector for society and Alternative proteins.

“Over the last few years, we have organized many successful international hackathons. However, we are always looking for something new, so we decided to offer a different format this autumn. In the past, we lost a lot of potential participants (and their innovative ideas!) because they were unable to discover the team. This year, we are following the experience of EIT FOOD, the leading food innovation initiative in the EU. According to the new model, registrations will be individual and participants will be teamed up according to their abilities and competencies. In addition, teams will have to address not only technological, but also social, communication and marketing challenges. Therefore, even more people who care about the agrifood sector and the sustainability of the environment in which we live will be able to participate in this year’s event,” said Kristina Šermukšnytė-Alešiūnienė, Director of the AgriFood Lithuania DIH.

The organizers of the event AgriFood Lithuania DIH have organized such international hackathons as HACK Digital Sea’21, HACK AgriFood’20 and HACK AgriFood’19 in recent years.