George Beers – George Beers has a Ph.D. in Management Science with a thesis on project management. He specializes in agribusiness strategic information management. Bringing different worlds together is one of his core competencies. In the course of his career with Wageningen University & Research, Dr. Beers has held a number of research and management positions since 1991. His previous positions include Scientific Director of Agri Chain Competences (1998-2001), and founder and CEO of Green Knowledge Cooperation on innovation in Dutch agricultural education (2004-2010). He held the Wageningen University Chair for ICT in Agribusiness from 1999 to 2004. Currently, he is responsible for coordinating large-scale EU projects in the field of digital innovation in agri-food. It has been his responsibility since January 2017 to coordinate the H2020 Large Scale Pilot of Internet of Farm & Food (IoF2020) and SmartAgriHubs (Digital Innovation Hubs for Farmers).